Creating a Geospatial database on Amazon RDS

Last year, Amazon added Postgres support to their cloud relational database offering, RDS. The good folks at Amazon were kind enough to include support for some popular extensions, in particular PostGIS, which adds geospatial abilities to Postgres, so queries like “find me 100 users nearest to London” are simple and efficient to perform. In this […]

Automatically validating GLSL files

If you are doing anything THREE.js/WebGL related, sooner or later you are going to start spending a significant amount of your time working in GLSL, rather than in JavaScript. In a previous post I detailed how I work with GLSL files, specifically loading them into the app itself in an convenient way. One notable missing […]

WebGL tombstone – bump mapping

This post is part of a series on how to deform a 3D mesh (in this case, a tombstone) by drawing onto a 2D Canvas. To start from the beginning, click here. In the previous post we looked at how to calculate the lighting for our tombstone in the fragment shader. While a vast improvement […]